Will Lemon

Here was a girl. Who was all alone. Sitting inside her big snowy home. Paying no attention to parents who’d scold. Slapped spanked and beaten. But never did what was told. She sensed they were senseless. They gave her no love. So she lived in her dreams. That floated above. One day like today she was bored curious and sad. Finding no solace in mama or dad. She went snooping and creeping through her big snowy home. Searching all the places she never had known. Till she came to a room in a room in room, It was covered in signs saying danger and doom, Undeterred and determined, these signs she just mocked. As she used her brass bobby pin to pick every lock, She'd never be ready for what she would find. She never had seen him or his like or his kind. The lock had popped and air smelled stale. She reeled back to not inhale. A beam of light a thin white rail. Was cast upon a figure pale. He shuffled quick across the floor. This figure she could see no more. White beam revealed conditions poor. For this poor pale one stuck on the floor. “Hello in there my name is me, won't you come out so I can see? I will not bite you need not flee, I just want to know who you could be.” Her small hand pushed, the light flew in. And shown upon her bluish skin. In the corner he was pinned. With hands he fought but light would win. Oh my was all she thought to say, as quick, her breath was took away, This strange young boy she found today instilled a fear but still she stayed.

His figure strained to hide from light. A claw like hand, to chest, was tight. His chain he pulled with all his might. But leg fell weak and lost the fight, With every moan he stabbed her soul. This poor young one chained in this hole. For being born strange this was his toll. Her parents had turned this boy to mole. She watched him fear her, then she cried. She wanted to touch but he didn’t abide. And the her cries touched deep inside. He sensed her love within her sighs. He dropped his hand and met her gaze. It seemed the stare would last for days. Within their look there was a maze. Of memories seen but through a haze. Then both at once did recognize. The common thing within their cries. Was a sound that sprung from deep inside. Both born to parents whom them despised. She stepped from the doorway and into his room. Past the signs saying danger and doom. Towards the disfigured cold and pale blue. Sharing room with the one she had once shared the womb. She reached out to touch him but he still pulled away. He was afraid of the love he had found on this day. She searched her thoughts for something to say. But words proved to weak for what she had to convey. She knelt on cold ground and looked in his face. She sought answers on how his pain to displace, She longed for the lines on this boys face to erase. But his world was a purgatory of hate and disgrace. This cruel riddle of how to hug ones own brother. Stumped her as she cursed both father and mother. The thing in her pocket caused spirits to lift. The answer was simple, it was simply a gift. She pulled out the flower, stolen from the vase. Secretly sneaked from her mothers special place. White petals shown brightly, with hints of sky blue. She reached out and said sweetly, “This is for you.”

He knew not what was said he looked not in her face. Gaze trained on the flower and his fear was replaced. The beauty of something so pretty, so small, Caused all his prior defenses to fall. He reached out and took it from his sisters small hand. Right then he escaped from what his parents had planned. His flower was soft unlike his cold concrete ground. It was bright and so pretty unlike the four walls around. It smelled sweetly of something he never had known. He was crying so happy from this thing he’d been shown. He looked at her looking and loved her right then. He felt as never before and would never again. This thing so brand new a gift just for him. It glowed softly in hand and warmed every limb. It touched him so deeply right then he did learn, Gift giving deserves a gift in return. With flower in hand he grasped at the ground. Searching for gifts, but all that was found. Was dirt filth and dust sitting in mounds. He didn’t know poverty but it did him surround. His search made him anxious, his chest it did pound. The gift that he wanted was the source of the sound. He put hands hard to chest and felt his heart beat. He then looked at his teary eyed sister so sweet. With claw like hand he plunged deep inside. Past skin ribs and veins to where his heart did reside. He removed from his body his one precious gift. He looked towards his sister, his heart he did lift. She took him and held him and never let go. As out of his heart his life’s blood did flow. Inside this embrace, two began to lift far above. Floating I dreaming on the backs of white doves. Escaping the parents that for them did not care. Escaping the dungeon flying far through the air. Settling softly in spaces found far above. For here they’d found family found freedom found love.